The visit of the delegation from Latvia

On 18 October we were honoured by a delegation of farmers from Latvia. The guests were welcomed by Wioleta and Tomasz Nowak with their son Szymon and Breeding Centre Deboleka.
The first farm is an example of a perfectly organised family model. From generation to generation, systematic modernizations have been carried out, which guaranteed the owners a leading position in the region. Visitors had the opportunity to get acquainted with the structure of the farm and its management style. Modern technological solutions became an object of their great interest.
The greatest curiosity was aroused by milking robots and the specificity of their work. There were lots of questions considering processes in the farm itself, as well as somemore global issues. The farm of Mr. and Mrs. Nowak (Wielgie) is also an excellent showcase for the Regional Federation and the Polish Federation of Cattle Breeders and Dairy Farmers. The division of work on the farm is strictly defined and the greatest motivation for development is the involvement of the son – Szymon. That clearly impressed our guests. The visit ended with a coffee service, a group photo and thanks to the Latvian delegation.
Another farm visited is the Breeding Centre in Deboleka, which is a representative of . Although Deboleka is one of the smaller centres in Poland, it has a very rich breeding heritage. On that day, the Centre was represented by Dariusz Piatek – the main breeder, who presented the breeding achievements of the past years. Deboleka is associated not only with high milk production.
It is also an active participant of regional, national and European competitions, where champions are awarded. All heifers are genotyped to select at an early age and make a precise selection of bulls. Although the farm has a surplus of breeding material, it is impossible to buy a heifer, because the number of cows in the herd is constantly increasing. In the ranking of bulls AI in Lowicz bulls from Deboleka occupy the dominant position among Polish breeders.
With such a high production the herd was divided into several technological groups in order to optimally utilize its genetic potential. The visitors asked questions about the smallest details of herd management. The visitors enjoyed the labour room, which will soon be put into use. Heated drinking troughs for pregnant females, a calf watering planned system, runs and many other solutions are the examples of modernity and welfare in every aspect

Krzysztof Galazka

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